The Path To Profitability
The Path To Profitability

The Top Trader Program is a unique program designed to give the opportunity to profitable and consistent traders to show us their skills and become part of our strong team. Our goal through this program is to attract already experienced traders to help us grow into an Investment Company and succesfully trade our funds through the foreigh exchange, futures and cryptocurrency markets. 

By becoming part of our community you will become an integral part of our company and our success, gaining both on personal and professional level.


 Our vision through this program is to find already experienced and profitable traders to join our team in both manual and algorithmic departments. We are here to help already experienced traders to meet their potentials and develop a long term relationship with them based on mutual trust and respect.

Our love and passion for trading the financial markets makes us the ideal company for any trader that love his job and wants to meet like minded individuals.  


Our strategies are solely based on Elliot Waves theory and Principles combined with the Fibonacci ratio tools. We believe that the market moves in a sequence not in a random way and that Elliot Waves Theory is the only tool in existence that can fully reflect and explain that sequence.

However, we accept that there are some traders out there that produce profits using different strategies and we are happy to meet them and welcome them to our team. We are always happy to listen to different opinions and views from other traders. At the end of the day knowledge is power. 


Fully funded live account to start trading with!

50/50 Profit Split

We understand that trading can be frustrating some times, thus we are giving you 50% of the profits!


Every time you achieve a profit of 10% we double the size of your trading account.


Success is assured when a person fears the pain of regret more than the pain of the process!