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The Path To Profitability

We Train Traders, We Fund Traders, We Employ Traders.


The Path To Profitability

The Rising Trader Program is a unique program designed for individuals who want to start their career in trading the financial markets. This program gives the opportunity to new traders…
The Top trader Program is a unique program designed to give the opportunity to profitable and consistent traders to show us their skills and become part of our strong team. Our goal…
Our algorithmic department is one of our biggest tools for trading our own funds and potentially our investors' funds. We already have two algorithms working on a daily basis producing…

Our Traders' Testimonials

Very satisfied with the support and guidance given through the entire program as well as afterwards when I have started trading their live account.
I was already an experinced trader when I joined the program but the Elliot Waves strategies really helped a lot to step up my game.
The Rising Talents Program was life changing for me. Not only I have learn how to trade the financial markets but I have also grown on a personal level.