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Why you should trade the Foreign Exchange market!

Here we will analyse some of the reason why it is reasonable and attractive to trade the Foreign Exchange markets.

1) The Foreign Exchange market is open 24 hours a day for 5 days a week except the weekends. 

2) You can trade from any part of the world without any limitations in respect of hours or instruments.

3) The costs of trading are much lower than the Futures market, since you do not have to pay any platform fees and the commission or spreads are relatively low.

4) Foreign Exchange markethas the highest liquidity of all markets around the world something that means you can be filled in any time and for any position.

5) You are allowed to trade with very high leverage of up to 1:1000 with some brokers. This means you do not need to deposit a big amount of capital in order to trade with big volumes.

6) You can start trading witha small deposit of 50$ or so.

7) There are so many players involved in the Foreign Exchange market, which means that is not easy for any of the "big" players to manipulate the market at any time.

8) Demo accounts are easily accesible and available with all brokers.

9) It is the most volatile amrket in the world meaning you will find many opportunities to trade every single day.

10) All Foreign Exchange trading platform are very user friendly and easy to learn. You can even download it on your phone.

11) The last couple of yeards the Foreign Exchange market became very regulated due to different regulations implied by the European Union making it one of the safest markets in the world. 


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